What does Prana mean?

Prana is a Sanskrit word, meaning LIFE FORCE, and VITAL ENERGY. We have put this together, Prana – Vital Life. Prana is the feeling you get when you are in positive energy flow. Prana positive energy enters your body from the earth and other living things. It is your life choice to choose and live your own Prana.

What is ‘the Prana Chosen'?

We import products for every skin tone, age, nationality and lifestyle, all hair types and makeup needs.

Quality products deserve Quality service. We believe in striving to be the best in:

  • Coaching the client
  • Superior service
  • Luxurious quality
  • Bringing you're the best products and advice the world has to offer.
  • We choose our distribution selectively, and market to the end consumer, to bring them to you.


Prana's guiding principle is to meticulously source the best Agents, Stockists and Products- chosen for their ultimate efficacy as well as the health of your skin, hair, makeup, body and the earth. We do this by:

Identifying excellence in all the products we offer our customers. We ensure that the products we choose to represent are innovate, high quality ingredients, legitimate concepts, truthful philosophy, highly scientific and result driven.

We believe that when working as a team, we can do so much more than working alone – for us, networking is a given.

Empowering customers and Agents with the knowledge to both live and achieve by Prana.

What does the Prana Business do?

We are:

  • An importer of chosen brands
  • A distributor of chosen brands
  • Marketers, promoters, trainers, operational and logistics support
  • Recruiters of Agents, retailers and ground force


Our Mission and Ethos:

  • Reliability - demonstrated in the integrity of our business ethos and our chosen products.
  • Service - through employee and consumer courtesy, availability and expertise.
  • Delivery - good turnaround times and always aiming to exceed expectations.
  • The Entrepreneur is our main focus
  • Doing things the best way
  • Finding, winning, retaining and growing Customers For Life
  • All relationships before Transaction
  • Coaches of Agents and Consumers
  • Blenders of education with entertainment

Our Products

We import products for every skin tone, age, nationality and lifestyle, all hair types and makeup needs.