Prana Academy

When you have become a member of the Prana Team, you will be empowered to be the best you can be.

Empowering Women

Prana Flow is the Agent development model, a training and education space, where you will be given all the skills and tools you need to develop your own successful business and network of Prana Product salons and consumers.

Here's a brief overview of what happens in the Prana Flow space:

  • Prana Flow is where we recruit and train entrepreneurial women, Agents in skin, body, wellness and business principles.
  • Prana Flow is where we build your personal Prana and ensure that you have all the energy and know how you need to succeed
  • Prana Flow is where we work with ethical people who are committed to their own personal success.
  • Prana Flow is where you will meet, connect with and develop sustainable relationships where we encourage and maintain direct open communication.