The Dermascan

Measurement of results is a cornerstone of the Beaute Pacifique concept. 

It’s a fun and informative way for you and your friends, family or colleagues to experience a personal Dermascan and consultation to show you what is going on in the deeper layers beneath your skin’s surface and how to get your skin to be ‘the healthiest skin ever!’

Do this over a glass of wine, coffee, breakfast, lunch and have a good catch up with your colleagues at the same time! Alternatively, make it part of your wellness programme at your company and we can put together a wellness morning, seminar or afternoon with other speakers as well!
If you would like to host a DermaScan Experience, contact us now to book a consultant and make it a date!

What is a Dermascan?
The DermaScan, is a unique patented medical ultrasound scanning technology, that enables a Beauté-Pacifque specialist consultant to analyse your skin and obtain readings on the conditions and construction of your skin down to the deepest layers.
The resulting images are then used to analyse the skin structure before and after the application of Beauté Pacifique products.
Below is the image generated from a DermaScan:
The colours indicate the density of the elastic fibre structures of the skin. The brighter areas indicate healthy, in-tact skin, whereas the darker, black areas indetify sun-damage and the loss of fibre-structure.

"The objective of the Dermascan Ultra sound, is to show how 'robust' or damaged the skin is, from a health perspective. It also helps to prove how Beaute Pacifique works, how quickly the skin reverts to normal, and how the organ can be reorganised for its main function - protection from the external and internal environment. As a complete side effect, it is extraordinarily anti-aging!" DW
Research with the DermaScan has been used to create case studies to highlight the effects of Beaute Pacifique, the results of whichspeak for themselves. A case study of a typical 45 year old women This image shows: A very uneven skin surface with wrinkles and aged, sparsely distributed collagen fibre network (bright spots).

Same skin scanned after 5 days of treatment with Vitamin A Crème Metamorphique. The image shows that the skin surface is now very smooth with fewer wrinkles with a restored, evenly distributed collagen fibre network underneath (more bright spots).

Dermascan visual before and after



Join Beautè Pacifique and Tilde Sauer, Senior Advisor from Denmark for the BP 5-day challenge!
Book to join us for your own personal Dermascan skin analysis, learn more about skin wellness and how to improve conditions such as skin ageing, pigmentation, sun damage, acne and eczema or any other issues worrying you.
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