Rainbow Beauty Guru

Rainbow Beauty Guru
Q. “What to do with My Skin right now?!”
A. 6 Tip and tricks to get the job done right
By Debbie Wolfendale - CEO of Prana Products
Okay, so spring has sprung… the Highveld rains are in full swing and we are heading for summer. It’s time to take off your “skinny clothes” and show yourself in sundresses and bikinis.

What will really be on show is your skin. So here are some tips to get it into the best shape.
1. Cleanse gently, if your face pulls after cleansing, it is too harsh for you. Milks are best, or light foams, like Beaute Pacifique Foaming wash.
2. Don’t over exfoliate, once a week is enough. The fragile epidermis (the top layer of your skin) will be compromised, leading to dehydration and pigmentation.
3. Get ‘Derma-scanned’, see a BP technician – call 011 493 9912 for your nearest agent, say I sent you, and they will scan you free of charge (value is R850). She will be able to look deeply into your skin using medical ultra sound. Your BP agent will be able to tell you what condition your skin is in, deep down. She will advise you on any areas of concern and the correct skin regime to take years off your face. The Dermascan experience is great if you are tired of trying everything on the market, at huge expense, and still not 100% happy with your skin.
4. If you are bad at using sun protection, try Bodyography Pro Mineral Make up, bringing out your skins luminosity whilst protecting your skin against UVA and UVB rays. Bodyography is Paraben, Talc and Resin free and also not tested on animals (endorsed by PETA – People for Ethical Treatment of Animals). It is so pure, you could eat it!
5. Keep yourself hydrated by keeping a water bottle with you all the time. If you drink coffee or alcohol, you will need to drink 4 cups of water to ensure that you don’t dehydrate due to the caffeine and alcohol in just one glass / cup!
6 To wind down the year, call Prana to set up a “high definition” skin and makeup workshop for you and your lady friends, hosted by you at the Prana offices or your home. A Prana coach will take you all through the steps to bringing out the best in you. Just in time for the holidays!
Call 011 463 9912

Purchase a Prana voucher for your friend or daughter, to receive a Professional Personalised Makeup Lesson valued at R550 and products to the value of R300. For just R300!
Stay tuned for the next exert on “What to do with my skin right now?” in the December Issue.