Prana Flow

In keeping with the Prana philosophy of 'Joy brings Success';, we have introduced Prana Flow.

"The Flow is the training arm of Prana. This is to empower our partners in the technical, practical and business aspects of running their business. We bring in subject matter experts to up- skill the entrepreneurs, their planners (networkers) and staff." DW

Prana Flow – a unique business growth concept

"Education is the link between experience and purchase. We give our clients a gift of our knowledge and efficiency of our products. The transaction that follows is the natural outcome of caring for people." DW

Prana Flow modules

The Agents and Salon owners need to feel fully 'in the know' when it comes to showcasing their business 'points of difference' to their clients. Prana flow training programme tries to assist with any knowledge gaps, and consists of face-to-face facilitation as well as self-paced training programmes. The programme is divided into:

  • People skills
  • Business skills
  • Self development skills
"We bring subject matter experts to Prana to work with our Agents and Spa owners. I felt it is necessary to up skill the entrepreneurs, in order to ensure their success, and to ensure that when they are working with the Prana brands, they can speak with real conviction and passion. The customer see's the integrity in that." DW

These high level clusters are further divided into the following modules:

Each module will consists of:

  • Pre work or post work which needs to be done prior to or after the session.
  • A pre assessment which will determine your knowledge level prior to the session.
  • A post assessment which will determine knowledge gained due to the training.
  • A post course assignment which will allow us to determine whether the information that you have gained during the training can be applied in a practical manner