Prana Consulting

Debbie Wolfendale, is a widely regarded industry leader, in both strategy and team motivation.

Debbie has spent most of her career learning from mentors at the Corportate Helm of a French Cosmetic Multi National, before taking over the Helm herself.

Having started Prana from a "seedling", and nurtured it to the youngster it is today, she is deeply respectful and appreciative of the effort required to make a business flourish. Debbie engages and facilitates teams at all levels, encourages the process of thinking about growth and change in such a way, that it stimulates commitment and 'buy-in' from all stakeholders.

"Your teams hold incredible potential, are you using their 'smarts' to your best benefit? By getting them all rowing in the same direction, you can double your output, and work in a much happier and productive space." Debbie Wolfendale

Our Consulting Motto:

"JOY brings SUCCESS, brings GROWTH, brings ENGAGEMENT, brings COMMITMENT, brings LIFE LONG RELATIONSHIPS" Debbie Wolfendale

One and two day strategy / brainstorming / motivational business sessions available.

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