What opportunities does the Prana Flow Business Concept offer the Spa industry?

We offer qualified Therapists or Health Practitioners: 1. An Agency model to work directly with consumers, in or outside of the ‘salon / clinic space’. Many consumers don’t just walk through the salon door – they are found outside of the salon, and Owners need to know that they need to go and ‘fetch’ new clients: our model is ‘find your consumer, win her over for life (not just a single transaction) and then retain her (with exceptional service delivery)’. 2. Or a Distribution model, whereby the Agent would work with selective Medi Spa’s and Doctors rooms. Debbie Wofendale

The 7 Prana "C's" to Success in your Business

We will train you to:

Create an Experience

Carve a Niche

Commit to Retail sales

Control your own Business Growth

Capitalise on the Internet

Continuously educate

Contribute to health and well-being of your staff and customers