Six Thinking Hats® training takes place in a 1 or 2 day interactive workshop. During the workshop, participants will learn about different thinking styles and be introduced to parallel thinking.

By utilising a mix of theoretical presentations and practical workshops, participants are lead through each of the Six Thinking Hats® and learn how to effectively realise the value of applying this world-renowned technique.

Six Thinking Hats® is a simple and effective technique - so easy it can be implemented the very next day.


Six Thinking Hats® has been adopted all over the world by organisations as diverse as IBM, NASA, Motorola and Absa. By attending SixThinking Hats® you will learn to:

  • Lead shorter and more productive meetings
  • Facilitate meetings - ensuring full participation and openness from all players
  • Sequence thinking and meeting agendas through the Six Thinking Hats® framework to achieve results – every time!
  • Look at problems and decisions systematically
  • Stimulate innate creativity


Understand and Learn

  • The nature of thinking
  • Why we need to change our behaviour
  • Why argument is inadequate
  • The Six Thinking Hats® formula
  • Why very little new thinking is accomplished at meetings
  • Tools and techniques focusing on each hat

Using the Six Hats

  • Single use of the Six Hats
  • Systematic use of the Six Hats
  • Frameworks for structuring meetings and focusing thinking
  • How to turn disagreements into positive contributions
  • Techniques for opportunity thinking
  • Programming meetings for a successful outcome
  • Creating the action plan


  • Lateral Thinking

The Innovator's Toolkit for Cracking the Competitive Game

  • Direct Attention Thinking Tools (DATTTM)

The Analytical Thinking Toolkit

  • SixValue MedalsTM

Design and Deliver Strategic Value

  • Simplicity

Simplify your Business - Optimise Assets and Increase Return on Investment